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Download Real Cricket 14 for PC

Download Real Cricket 14 for PC

If you are a big cricket fan then Real Cricket 14 is just for you. The game is for Android and iOS users but you can easily download this game on PC by following some simple steps mentioned below.


Real Cricket 14 is one of the most authentic game of Cricket which you can enjoy on your PC.  This is a limited over game, where you can  choose your team from 16 nations having 8 master teams.
You will have full control on selecting your team – right from batting to bowling, field placement and more.  Practice in nets and then play for T20 world cup , Master cup , Knockout cup .
The game is simple and intuitive to play with awesome  2D Motion captured animations and graphics which are hand drawn.
You get authentic Cricket equipment provided by legendary manufacturers  which includes Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket.
Process to Download:
 To download “Real Cricket 14for PC” you will have to download Android emulator BlueStacks. Download BlueSta…

Get More Comments On YouTube

Get More Comments On YouTube

Be Real
When you are creating a video, your objective is to share a certain message. Tell people what you believe and be clear about it. Don’t fear the responses of the viewers or what they might think (easier said than done) and deliver your message as close as possible to the its pure form (as you are thinking it). This way people are more likely to strongly agree or disagree with you and that can often create awesome debates below your videos.
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Think about these things:

If you are uncertain about the things you are saying in your video, why should the people watching take it seriously?
It is better to state your honest opinions and get negative feedback than to hide behind a mask and don’t get any responses at all.
When you are freely expressing yourself people will come to judge you, learn to deal with this instead of avoiding authentic expression.
Build Active Relationships – Comment group


Great Whatsapp Tricks

Great WhatsApp Tricks :-

Be able to talk to people all around the world using one of the most popular applications of this year – WhatsApp. Indeed, it has made its way to the top by simply offering people who download it a chance to communicate with their loved ones for free. Aside from this, they were able to make it a multi-platform app so that it would be able to cater to different phone or operating systems.

Now, the app itself is very easy to use and doesn’t require any special tutorial. However, some may think that it is also too plain. It doesn’t have to be – you can also add some small supporting apps that will enhance the usage of your Whatsapp app.

What other apps are compatible with my WhatsApp?

As of now, one of the most used downloaded app is the “Wasap Fake Image Trolling.” This will then use the system’s thumbnail and then would change it to something catchy, funnier and this can also be sent to your existing contacts.

Now for another great trick, try downloading “ChatM…



Some companies love smartphones because they make it possible for employees to work from any location at practically any time. Others distrust the mobile devices because they think they’re primarily used for playing video games and browsing the Internet aimlessly.

This leads to an important question for today’s businesses: do smartphones really make people more productive?

The Right Apps Matter

Smartphones, by themselves, don’t add to productivity. Downloading the right apps, though, could make it easier for you to work even when you’re away from your desk.
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TOP APPS FOR RUNNERS & JOGGERS There are plenty of apps that could boost productivity when used properly. Some apps worth using include

Sticky Notifications – gives you important reminders so you don’t get caught up in something else and miss a meeting or deadline

• Evernote – jot down notes and take pictures that you can quickly share with others or just store…



Instagram is an anomaly amongst social media sites, in that seemingly everyone on Instagram is comfortable having strangers view their photos, with many people thriving on the idea that their photos are considered interesting or worthwhile by people who have never even met them. Twitter has several surefire ways to gain followers, as long as you don’t mind commenting on nothing but current events and famous people. Acquiring Facebook friends is out of style by the time you’re 17, and few people can prove that LinkedIn is anything other than a sentient email account that clutters your inbox with absolute nonsense. But Instagram? It’s real, and it’s spectacular. So to become Instagram Famous, try a few of these tips on for size.
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Hashtag Everything: I know, I know. Hashtagging is horrible. It’s a vaguely post-modern way to explain a joke to someone; a pound symbol followed by your uncle elbowing you and…

Mobile Spy App

Mobile Spy App :-

Currently, there are at least 8 mobile phone spy applications on the market that are competing for the top position. All of them are endorsing that their features are the best and most beneficial to their prospective clients. In reality, each spy app has its own advantages and it all depends on the needs and preferences of the person who want to use it.
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BEST ANDROID APPS FOR YOUR KID’S EDUCATION In fact, most of us would like to use a spy app that can truly deliver the results that we’re looking for. There are several reasons why people use mobile phone spy applications and this will include the following:

1. To track the whereabouts of their kids and to get to them in the least possible time, especially during emergency situations.
2. To monitor the activities of employees in the field and to know if they are following company rules and regulations.
3. To know the true activities of a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse and know if they are really having an…


1. Kids Match’em

This is the most popular game for toddlers aged 3-5 at the moment. It’s a cherished childhood game bought back into relevance by ‘Vomasoft Education’. They’ve done a great job of making this game appealing to today’s generation of tech wiz kids, with colourful images, a selection of different types of cards and nifty animations to boot. It supports a wide range of resolutions from 320×240 all the way up to 1280×800 meaning you can play it on pretty much any device, be it a tablet or a phone. It’s simple to use and very fun, it’s ad-free and can progress with your child’s development by being able to select 12 cards, or 30. It is well known that these sorts of games will improve memory, which is important for early childhood development.
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Mobile Spy App 2. iStory Books

iStory books brings all of your favourite childrens’ story to life in one simple to use, free application. It has over 3 million downl…



Running and jogging are one of the most popular forms of exercise in the world. It’s one of the only physical exercises that seem to transcend all our differences, at some time, everyone has jogged or run for fitness. As ancient as the practice is, you can enhance your experience like pretty much everything, with the right technology and app. Here are our top five selections for apps for runners / joggers:
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Perpetual Snoozers 1. Runkeeper
Launched in 2008, and with a very strong community, Runkeeper is one app that everyone must try. It’s functionality and ease of use is second to none. It keeps track of your runs with your phone’s built in GPS whilst also tracking your distance, performance, pace and time. Results are stored in your local profile, which you can then view your progression over any time period you choose. Goal setting is also another great feature, allowing you to compete against yourself, smashing your own records aga…

Perpetual Snoozers

A Google Android App to Help Perpetual Snoozers :-

I’ve made a breakthrough. Where I used to snooze 3 – 4 times, illogically reasoning away the need for me to get up and get to work on time, I now get up every time, on time.
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How To Use Mobile Data In Airplane Mode My trick? I can’t wake up application for Android.

Before you can switch off the alarm, you need to complete at least 3 of the 8 mental tasks, some of which include spatial awareness, basic arithmetic (basic if you were fully awake) and memory tasks. It not only keep you from snoozing, it kick starts your mental facilities so when you finally get the thing to STFU, you’re awake enough to remember you have that early morning meeting that you should probably not miss.

Download it now!

Best Android Apps to Backup Your Photos

Best Android Apps to Backup Your Photos :-

As we rely on our phones more and more to replace our cameras, the risk of having you device stolen, lost or damaged beyond use becomes a greater concern. There are a number of different application you can get today that will automatically backup your photos across multiple devices, saving you from the sick feeling you get when you realise that your photos are lost forever, usually whilst you looking down at the ground at your smashed phone through your teary eyes.
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How to download YouTube videos Here are some of the best:

Google + : Pre-installed
As well as a social networking application, Google + also can backup your photos to a remote location using their backup feature. You’ll be able to access this feature via “Settings > Auto backup”. It also give you the ability to adjust your photos for red-eye-reduction and resize your images on the fly. One downside is that it will try to limit your images sizes to 2048px unless you ov…