Great Whatsapp Tricks

Great Whatsapp Tricks

Great WhatsApp Tricks :-

Be able to talk to people all around the world using one of the most popular applications of this year – WhatsApp. Indeed, it has made its way to the top by simply offering people who download it a chance to communicate with their loved ones for free. Aside from this, they were able to make it a multi-platform app so that it would be able to cater to different phone or operating systems.

Now, the app itself is very easy to use and doesn’t require any special tutorial. However, some may think that it is also too plain. It doesn’t have to be – you can also add some small supporting apps that will enhance the usage of your Whatsapp app.

What other apps are compatible with my WhatsApp?

As of now, one of the most used downloaded app is the “Wasap Fake Image Trolling.” This will then use the system’s thumbnail and then would change it to something catchy, funnier and this can also be sent to your existing contacts.

Now for another great trick, try downloading “ChatMate, Emoji Art and Stickers”. Yes it is possible to have apps like this be a part of your Whatsapp. It’s really a great way to enhance your chat messaging experience, as this app will allow you to share and send super cute and fun smiley faces that can perfectly express your mood. Nowadays, stickers are so popular especially that they now can exactly mimic facial expression.

Another similar app is called “Smileys for WhatsApp”, this is like the combination of the two that were mention, you can send stickers and you can also send out those popular “memes”. Best way to express yourself and you’ll have a great time chatting.

Need more than 1 account for Whatsapp? It’s possible – Here’s how

Isn’t it with all the new communication apps being launched lately, the basis of your account is your phone number? Now, some people, for whatever reason may need more than one account and with Whatsapp, with the help of another supporting app it will be possible to have another account.

One needs to download the application names called 2Lines. Now, with this app, the user can create and manage two or even more WhatsApp accounts just from 1 device and it can be accomplished in a simple way.

First things first, you’ll need to download the app named 2Lines for WhatsApp. Same as any app to be downloaded, once you’re done, simply create a new phone number. Now to do this, you will need another service called “FonYou”, again this is also for free. The reason why you would need this is that you get to use these extra phone numbers for registrations.

There are certain precautions to do before completing these steps. Once you’ve installed the app, make sure that you create a security copy of all the chats from your existing WhatsApp Account Settings. It is also important to make sure that within your Account Settings; you may encounter a lot of “hidden” functions which will allow or help you grant the needed Root permissions to 2Lines. This phase is necessary to ensure the correct performance of the application and of course that it will work effectively too.

Once you have the permission for 2Lines to make the changes, just follow the steps so you can register your second account with Whatsapp. Same process is to be expected, and now, you can create two or more accounts on just one device, something that many consider as impossible.

Today, any program or app can be tweaked so it can enhance the capability of the already working app. It may seem exciting to try them all out but since most of them were made by other companies, make sure to check if they are legit.

Great Whatsapp Tricks



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