Perpetual Snoozers

Perpetual Snoozers

A Google Android App to Help Perpetual Snoozers :-

I’ve made a breakthrough. Where I used to snooze 3 – 4 times, illogically reasoning away the need for me to get up and get to work on time, I now get up every time, on time.
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My trick? I can’t wake up application for Android.

Before you can switch off the alarm, you need to complete at least 3 of the 8 mental tasks, some of which include spatial awareness, basic arithmetic (basic if you were fully awake) and memory tasks. It not only keep you from snoozing, it kick starts your mental facilities so when you finally get the thing to STFU, you’re awake enough to remember you have that early morning meeting that you should probably not miss.

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Perpetual Snoozers


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