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Download Real Cricket 14 for PC

Download Real Cricket 14 for PC

If you are a big cricket fan then Real Cricket 14 is just for you. The game is for Android and iOS users but you can easily download this game on PC by following some simple steps mentioned below.


Real Cricket 14 is one of the most authentic game of Cricket which you can enjoy on your PC.  This is a limited over game, where you can  choose your team from 16 nations having 8 master teams.
You will have full control on selecting your team – right from batting to bowling, field placement and more.  Practice in nets and then play for T20 world cup , Master cup , Knockout cup .
The game is simple and intuitive to play with awesome  2D Motion captured animations and graphics which are hand drawn.
You get authentic Cricket equipment provided by legendary manufacturers  which includes Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket.
Process to Download:
 To download “Real Cricket 14for PC” you will have to download Android emulator BlueStacks. Download BlueSta…

Get More Comments On YouTube

Get More Comments On YouTube

Be Real
When you are creating a video, your objective is to share a certain message. Tell people what you believe and be clear about it. Don’t fear the responses of the viewers or what they might think (easier said than done) and deliver your message as close as possible to the its pure form (as you are thinking it). This way people are more likely to strongly agree or disagree with you and that can often create awesome debates below your videos.
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Think about these things:

If you are uncertain about the things you are saying in your video, why should the people watching take it seriously?
It is better to state your honest opinions and get negative feedback than to hide behind a mask and don’t get any responses at all.
When you are freely expressing yourself people will come to judge you, learn to deal with this instead of avoiding authentic expression.
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