Get More Comments On YouTube

Get More Comments On YouTube

Get More Comments On YouTube

Be Real
When you are creating a video, your objective is to share a certain message. Tell people what you believe and be clear about it. Don’t fear the responses of the viewers or what they might think (easier said than done) and deliver your message as close as possible to the its pure form (as you are thinking it). This way people are more likely to strongly agree or disagree with you and that can often create awesome debates below your videos.
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Think about these things:

If you are uncertain about the things you are saying in your video, why should the people watching take it seriously?
It is better to state your honest opinions and get negative feedback than to hide behind a mask and don’t get any responses at all.
When you are freely expressing yourself people will come to judge you, learn to deal with this instead of avoiding authentic expression.
Build Active Relationships – Comment group

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This is a very effective strategy, but it is a little time consuming.  Having a comment group of 10-15 people can kick-start a lot of discussions on your videos, this is especially good if you are still “fresh” on youtube and don’t have a lot of followers.
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This often happens naturally on facebook, friends often give each other likes, comments and attention. You can do the same thing on YouTube.

How do you do it? 

Build back and forward commenting habits with people on “your level” of YouTube popularity. For example look for similar youtubers, subscribe to them and comment on their new videos regularly, after commenting on few videos some of them will check out your channel and start leaving comments too.
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After a while you can stop commenting on the people that never respond and replace them with new potential youtube comment buddies. Also, another way to find people for your comment group is to locate the people that left comments on your videos and return the favor.
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Respond to every comment and do it FAST
Usually most of the views and comments on the a youtube video come right after you upload and share them. Be there for at lest an hour after, so if somebody comments you can respond instantly.

This means that the rest of the visitors will have an open discussion that they can join after watching the video. And it will be easier for them to engage in it.
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Also, try to make an effort to communicate further with your commentators, have fun with them, give good vibes and be social. You will get a lot more comments.



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